TOP popular emojis

List of the most popular emojis published

Everything is quite expected.

Frame from the cartoon «Emoji Movie»
There is such an organization Unicode Consortium, which creates international standards for emojis and other digital symbols. For the first time, she decided to publish statistics on the most popular emojis in the world.

Who needs this?

Specialists at Unicode Consortium expect that the list of the most popular emojis will help people discover something new, understand themselves and generally understand Zen (I invented the latter myself, I repent).

Top 5 most popular emojis

First place is a face with tears, which for some reason everyone sends as a reaction to something funny. It did not work out clearly, it happens.

Second place is the red heart. There is nothing to explain. Third, a smiling face with hearts instead of eyes. In fourth place, the right emoticon for the reaction “I’m very funny, I ride on the floor”, and in fifth, a sweet, shy smile.

Here are the official statistics in chart form:

Do you often use emoji? If you missed, in iOS 13.2 there were already 59 new emoticons for all occasions.

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